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Chosen Medical Staffing, LLC

Partnering to Elevate the Quality of Patient Care

Quality. Care. Compassion.

When it comes to any medical facility, the faces these three words bring to mind are those of the nurses. The smiling faces that can make any patient feel confident and positive.

 Let’s face it, it’s the staff that makes or breaks any medical facility. They are the backbone of any health institution and any medical institution that aims to provide quality care to its patients should have an excellent nursing staff. But most often than not, it is the lack of quality staff that is the root to all problems.

 Chosen Medical Staffing presents a new solution to the staffing shortage: an educationally-driven model that sees that you are always well staffed. Our nurses have the opportunity to grow with us professionally through educational opportunities and financially with competitive pay packages, which in turn helps us retain the best talents. Ongoing education, taught by Valerie, is required for all our staff. Most importantly since we are a wholly nurse owned and nurse managed organization we know the complete ins and outs of this business.

Why Chosen Medical Staffing?

We are an exclusively nurse owned and operated staffing agency, which provides an intimate understanding of the critical needs of healthcare facilities.

We understand the financial stress imposed by Medicare and other insurance providers through readmission penalties and are committed to providing you with staff specifically trained with an advanced understanding of diagnoses targeted by CMS to support your patient care.

We appreciate that each facility has a unique culture and therefore requires a customized answer to its specific needs. We seek to serve you by listening and adapting to your situation.


Chosen Medical Staffing, your go-to for all your medical staffing needs.